Better Late Than Never!

So I'm back from my extensive blogging vacation!! I won't go into crazy detail about why I went on vacation in the first place, but between my last month of nursing school, graduating, a new and amazing love, taking my board exam (and passing it!), and looking for a J-O-B, my life has been pretty hectic since November! FYI, I'm STILL looking for a job, but that's a topic I will likely vent about on another post. ;)

So anyway, I'm SO excited to be back! You wouldn't believe the amazing evolution my garden has undergone since November... from, new flowers, new veggies, to an upcoming exotic flower bed. So without further delay, here is Aurora's Garden in April....

Blooming Morning Glories

Fragrant Roses

California Sweet Peppers

Butternut Squash (taking over!!)

Strawberries! :)

Flowering Venus Fly Trap

Tomatoes (again- but this time will be better!)

This is the site of my new flower bed that will include all sorts of
oriental lilies, calla lilies, and freesias.

Stay tuned to see how everything progresses in the next few months!! Also get ready for a bunch of new and delicious recipes!

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