My First Video!

It's taken me all day but I finally did it! I've been taking One to One lessons at the Apple Store so that I can learn to use all the programs on my Mac, so during my last lesson, my Genius, Jen, gave me an overview of iMovie. The program let's you take your video clips, pictures, and music and manipulate them to make your own video. It had so many cool features that I couldn't wait to get started on my first one! 

Just so happens this past Thursday at Jackson North (the hospital where I do my clinicals), some of the students decided to play a little prank on our professor, Ms. Gibson. (mwahahaha!) 

Ms. Gibson left her purse in her car that morning and when lunch time came around she asked Hafida and Zoila (bad move!) to get it. Hafida, Zoila, and a group of us headed down to the cafeteria while Ms. Gibson finished with he rest of the students. It wasn't very long before the words "Let's do something to Ms. Gibson's car!"
came flying out of Hafida's mouth. A couple of ideas were thrown around (including "I love Boozer" Post-Its all over the car - Boozer is Zoila's beloved dog) until it was finally decided that her car was going for a ride... to another parking spot. So there they went, while the rest of us headed for the cafeteria, Hafida and Zoila went to carry on their mischievous plan. 

We all had lunch, sat through post-conference, and FINALLY it was time to go! As we headed into the parking lot, we all stuck close by as Ms. Gibson chatted about this and that, with absolutely no clue of what awaited her. And then it happened...   :)

Here it is... my first VIDEO and our first prank on Ms. Gibson. 


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