Workin' It Out

It's Monday, and I decided yesterday that I wasn't going to let a whole day go to waste laying around the house, so this morning I woke up, had breakfast, and was out the door by 9 a.m. I went to one of my favorite spots, Kennedy Park. I like going there to work out or start my bike ride to Crandon Park. It's really pretty and right by the water, so when I get done with my workout I usually bring a blanket and a book and read for a while. 

Anywho, today I just went for a work out but DAMN it was hot! 85 degrees at 9:30 a.m. and I heard it's going to reach 94 degrees by early afternoon. I went for a run, then did some exercises until I felt I was gonna pass out and then walked around for a bit and took a few pics. Saw some cool things including a crab, a sea slug-looking thing, and some cool fish. I decided there was no way I could go a whole year without working out, no matter how busy I get with school. Doing just straight studying everyday, including weekends, without any other sort of activity was burning me out. And now that I have Mondays and Thursdays "off" (always in quotations cause there's never really a day off from nursing school!), I'm going to get back into working out and just doing something other than studying.

So I'm off to enjoy the rest of my Monday, I hope you're enjoying yours! Let me leave you with a few pics of my morning.


  1. These pics are to die for amiga!!! I'm sooo impressed with your picture taking skills!!!!!! What camera do u use?

  2. Thank you!! :) I've slowly been getting back into photography again. Right now I'm just using my Canon Powershot. I'm probably one of the few that read the booklet that comes with the camera so I'm always experimenting with the different settings.

  3. Agreed - awesome pictures lady!! I started reading my camera user manual too...then I passed out ;)

  4. I just read your response. I have a canon powershot too! Amazing what a little camera can do right?!