Go Home Yanks!

What a week! I had my first Peds exam on Friday (don't ask) and was so ready to enjoy my weekend. My friend Pedro, an avid Yankees fan, invited me, an avid Marlins fan, to go to the Marlins/Yankees game on Saturday. Of course I said "YEAH!". So Saturday afternoon we headed to the stadium. I was a little nervous since the Marlins had lost to the Yankees the night before. But I had to keep my game face on cause Pedro was talking mad crap already. We went and sat in our section and, as it filled, I realized I was one of the possibly four Marlins fans in my area... faaaaaantastic! Not gonna lie, it was a little intimidating. But I sucked it up. I figured, I'm already here, so I'm just going to scream and be as obnoxious as humanly possible to make sure everyone here knows I'm a Marlins fan (in case the Marlins jersey and hat didn't give it away). Luckily the giveaway at the entrance that night was a Marlins cowbell. Can't get too much more obnoxious than that! 

The game couldn't have been better. But what happened to all the trash talking Yankee fans?!? I tried so hard to rattle their cage, but nada! Even Pedro, who a week before the game kept texting me about how the Marlins were going down, was sitting there with nothing to say. I, on the other hand, was screaming and taunting them like a crazy person. I was shaking that cowbell so much I was getting blisters on my hands! All Pedro could do was laugh and shake his head. I don't think he realized what he was in for. :)

Long story short... Marlins WON IT!! We won and the cocky Yanks had no choice but to shut up and leave with their tails tucked between their legs. Victory is sooo sweet! Go Marlins!! 

So excited!!!
Yes, I went with the enemy. lol

Surrounded by a sea of Yankee fans.

Just so we're clear. 

Marlins win it, 2 -1!

Agony of defeat!

Celebration bizatches!!

Cowbell 1, Yankees 0!!

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