Sunday Already?!

Good Lord what a week!! I spent Monday through Friday morning (4 a.m!) in seclusion studying for my Med-Surg cardiac exam. And this wasn't just any exam, this exam could very well mean the difference between pass and fail for most of the class (myself included), so you can imagine the amount of stress we were all carrying around! So Friday 8 a.m. rolled around and you could feel the tension in the air of our unreasonably freezing classroom. As the professor passed out the exams, I took a deep breath and gave myself a little pep talk to calm myself down and remind myself not to overanalyze the questions as I'd gotten in the habit of doing in my previous exams. 35 questions, 45 minutes... The professor said "begin" and there I went, trying to keep a good pace. I fought the urge to let my mind wander a few times and ended up finishing the exam pretty quickly. It was now time to avoid the crowds of people who had gathered outside the class to ask each other what answer they got for this and that question. I decided I wasn't going home until I knew my grade so my friend and I hung around, grabbed some lunch (and a well-deserved beer), and met with the professor who held our fate in her hands. Drum roll please............  yes ladies and gentlemen, I got an A!!! WOOOOHOOO! I couldn't have asked for better news. All the stress, sleep deprivation, and Cuban coffee was SO worth it!!  :)

After such a long week I really looked forward to Saturday. I was taking my mom and dad to see the Marlins play the Dodgers and praying that the Marlins would finally win one. The afternoon was perfect for a ball game. My mom had a blast
 and my dad, though he didn't pass the chance to say how much better he could watch the game if he were at home in front of his TV, enjoyed himself too. ;) I definitely had a great time... a cool, breezy afternoon,  a corn dog and fries, some hotties sitting directly in front of me, and a big W for the Marlins, was all I could've asked for. 

After the game, I sang and danced my butt off at the Super Saturday concert with TKA and Stevie B. For those who aren't familiar, TKA and Stevie B. are two of the biggest freestyle groups from the 80s and early 90s. Freestyle music was huge in South Florida during that time and it still draws a big crowd. Other freestyle artists you may have heard of are Exposé, Lisa Lisa & the Cult Jams, and The Cover Girls. It was a fun Saturday overall and I'm glad my parents had a chance to get out of the house. 

And now it's Sunday! Where did the weekend go? As I sit here typing away, the annoying voice in the back of my mind is saying, Aurora, it's Sunday, why don't you do something productive like picking up your Med-Surg book and reading ahead for tomorrow's class? Fortunately and unfortunately for me, I've become pretty good at ignoring that voice. My predictions for the rest of the evening are: I will finish up my blog, prepare myself a nice dinner, and watch Extreme Makeover Home Edition and have myself a good cry. :) Hope you all had a great weekend!

Look for a new, delicious soup recipe coming soon! 


  1. Um, you crack me up! But CONGRATS on the exam!!!! That's awesome, I'm SO proud of you! Keep it up with the blog, you're great at it!!


  2. Yay congrats on the exam, that's awesome!!! :D