Sun + Rain = Happy Garden

It's July people! June is but a faint memory I hope to suppress for the rest of my academic life. The good news is I made it through yet another class and figured out that I might possibly want to specialize in pediatric oncology after nursing school. So with that very brief and vague
update I'm moving right along to what I really wanted to blog about... my garden. :)

The last 3 months have brought a ton of rain to South Florida. In fact, there was one month where it stormed practically every day! Hey, I wasn't complaining. It didn't ruin my social calendar. Plus it's been great not having to water the garden every day, which is really a must in this hot inferno of a city. It's only been a couple of months and I can really see the difference a little time and lots of water and sunshine has made for my plants.

My little basil plants have gone from this....
... to this!
Love the smell of fresh basil!

And my tomato plants are coming along as well.
I recently transplanted them to a large pot to give the roots more room to grow, and in turn allowing the plant to grow larger and hopefully produce lots of delicious beefsteak tomatoes.

In addition to my basil and tomatoes, I recently planted some okra seeds. I hope they grow so I can make quimbombo (okra stew) with my very own organic okra. :)

As long as the sun continues to shine and the rain continues to pour, I have a feeling I'm going to have a very productive veggie garden this summer. :)

Stay tuned... I have two sunflowers that are ready to bloom any day now!

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